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Aqua, Chicago


Aqua Tower Condominiums, Chicago

Aqua Condominiums
In a word: Stunning.
Actually, we have more than just one word for Aqua, an incredible new high-rise condominium tower just north of Millennium Park in Chicago...

One Museum Park Condominiums, Chicago

One Museum Park Condominiums
Imagine a timeless view of water, trees, parklands and beautiful, natural light.
It’s also a dynamic view of man’s day and night hustle and bustle, along with his ever-changing...

Wrightwood Crossing Condominiums, Chicago

Wrightwood Crossing Condominiums
“Green” is a popular designation these days. Wrightwood Crossing’s goal of LEED Platinum Certification shows that “green” is more than just a marketing catch-phrase...

Illinois Housing Market

A routine correspondence between our Customer Care Department and a person browsing our website led to an interesting thought about that classic old real estate axiom of "location, location, location."

Kyle O. registered for a search on OwnACondo.com and left us a comment stating that he is looking for rental condos under a certain price per month. Our customer care manager asked  for a general idea of where Kyle would like to live, and Kyle replied:

"I know this sounds vague, but I am willing to look anywhere that gives me the most bang for my buck.  I will need a reasonable commute from any location as I work on Randolph/Wells. The areas I was initially interested in were Lakeview, UIC area, and Lincoln Park.  With that said, if a unit in Evanston provides me a better situation I will gladly look into that. "

If Renting Makes Sense

If Renting Makes Sense, We Can Help

Real estate agents are fond of saying “Own, don’t rent.” And in many, many situations, ownership of one’s living space is more advantageous than renting, for a variety of reasons. 

But there’s no denying that for some people, renting is simply the better option. Again, for a variety of reasons, renting may make more sense based on personal circumstances, the market and the prices/incentives available at any given time. 

The condo specialist Realtors® at OwnACondo.com understand this and are ready to help. The rental market in many areas has an abundance of units, which generally means lower prices and/or incentives that are very attractive.


Condo Gargening

Condo Gardening

Is condo gardening a contradiction in terms?

New Yorkers have done it for generations—carving out small spaces in their concrete jungles for a bit of nature. In the Big Apple, apartment dwellers with green thumbs have used window boxes and turned corners of courtyards and patches of rooftops into welcome green space.

Condo owners can also add natural beauty around their living spaces. By carefully following any rules in their condominium bylaws, and by seeking approval from the condominium board, the beautification can be a welcome addition to the entire property.

Condo gardening can be the beautification of the small patch of outdoor real estate most condo owners call their balcony or patio, and it can be beautification of the grounds outside the building. Typically, larger condo complexes are professionally managed and often have a landscaper in house and/or under contract to care for the lawns, flowers and other plantings around the property.

Welcome to OwnACondo.com! We’re eager to show you around.

If you’re looking to buy, sell and learn about Chicago condos or suburban Chicago condos, you’ve come to the right place. We don’t want to bury this information on a bland “About Us” page. After all, this is about you! We want to provide you with information, resources and easy navigation.

In a fast-paced and ever-changing world, people increasingly turn to specialists to help them accomplish what needs to be done. The skills of a shade-tree mechanic, while admirable, simply don’t get the job accomplished when today’s computer-controlled, sophisticated vehicles need servicing. And just like you don’t want an appliance salesperson helping you select computer software or vice-versa, you don’t want just any real estate professional trying to help with your condo needs.

OwnACondo.com is the best place to buy and sell condos, and specialization is the key.

The vision to develop a specialty organization helping people with condos began more than a dozen years ago when Brian Kuzdas, the company founder, converted a small apartment building into condos in Chicago. Since then, the company has helped people buy and sell many thousands of condos throughout Chicago and the suburbs.

Thanks to our passionate and ever-growing team of Condo Specialist Realtors®, as well as a dedicated and mission-driven support staff, OwnACondo.com continues to bring to you the highest level of knowledge and service. From our easy consumer search of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), to our free real estate seminars, to our specialists covering every corner of the Chicagoland map, we’re ready to help.

What typifies the OwnACondo.com “experience”? You’ll find easy access to all things condo and, most importantly, help and additional information is just a phone call or email away. Have a question or need information about how to finance a condo, insure a condo, the new $8,000 tax credit for first time homebuyers and more? It’s all right here. We can even help you find Chicago condos to rent and Chicago foreclosures, if that’s your preference.

Did you know that condominiums continue to be the most inquired about and sought after types of Chicago real estate, even in a changing economy? No other form of real estate gives buyers a better chance to own something of their own. Chicago condos and suburban Chicago condos also continue to increase in popularity as people from all walks of life find less and less time for house upkeep.

So enjoy our site, explore at your leisure and be sure to let us know how we can help.
Rent-to-Own Programs


It seems, these days, that most good news in the real estate market comes with a little bad, particularly when it concerns foreclosure issues.

For instance, industry observers see indications that the foreclosure crisis is improving.  A recent report by Realtytrac stated that the number of foreclosure notices filed during the first quarter of 2011 fell 15 percent over the previous quarter and  27 percent compared with the same period of 2010. Nationwide, this amounted to 681,000 properties receiving a notice of default, a scheduled auction or a foreclosure sale during the first quarter of 2011, one for every 191 households.

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Developer and Builder Incentives

If you have been shopping for a new house, condo or townhome, it is possible that you are thoroughly mystified by all of the different developer and builder incentives that are being offered right now. I have been a Home Mortgage Consultant for Wells Fargo for about 10 years and have worked with these developers for the majority of my career. I have seen the homebuilder industry and sales strategies change quite a bit during that time. My goal of this article is to generally define the philosophy of these incentives, illustrate how they work and show how you can maximize these incentives for your individual situation.

Just a few short years ago when the developers were rocking and rolling with the rest of the real estate market, deals were almost non-existent or so minimal that the deal really wouldn’t effect a buyer’s decision. When the housing market started to slow, developers have had to create incentives to get people through the door. At first, you would see pure cash discounts on new homes. After a while, you would go through the housing section of the newspaper and $30k off just didn’t have the impact that it once did because almost every developer was offering it. This brings me to the point where the developers are now and have started to get really creative...

Condominium ownership
Short Sale:
What Is It and Who Qualifies?

A short sale occurs when the bank accepts a payoff for less than the outstanding mortgage balance on the subject property. Essentially, the bank is shorted the funds due it. For example, you have a $300K mortgage on the property, but the home may be worth $200K in the current real estate market. The bank will accept the $200K payment in lieu of the property being foreclosed. Our goal in executing a short sale is to position the borrower to walk away from the property without owing any of the deficiency. However, the bank may ask for a cash contribution at closing or the signing of a no interest soft note for a portion of the deficiency. Banks may also issue a 1099 to the individual or seek a full deficiency, which is has a higher probability if there is a second mortgage company.

Anyone who is facing a hardship may qualify for a short sale. Hardships include, but are not limited to...

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