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Condo repair and maintenance Condo repair and maintenance are topics of interest to many owners and potential buyers of Chicago condos and suburban Chicago condos. At OwnACondo.com, we receive inquiries about who is responsible for fixing and maintaining different areas of a condominium property. People are also interested in how to maintain and repair their own condos.

While it is impossible to offer advice or answers to specific situations, we’re happy to provide this general overview to understanding condo repair and maintenance. Please remember, scenarios and variables are almost infinite. This is a general overview only.

Typically, the condominium association is responsible for repair and maintenance of the common elements of the property. Common elements are the areas shared by all the unit owners. Examples can include, but are not limited to, the halls, lawns, parking lots (if the spaces are not deeded), elevators, lighting, etc.

Individual condo owners are responsible for the space within the walls, ceilings and floors of their unit. A clog in the pipe directly under the kitchen sink is an issue for the condominium owner to repair. A clog in a pipe inside the walls or in the basement, for example, is usually an issue for the association to resolve. Condo repair and maintenance is not something an individual has to bear only on his or her own.

When the action(s) of an individual condo owner results in damage to the common elements or another unit in a Chicago condo complex or suburban Chicago condo complex, it is the responsibility of the party who caused the damage to repair. An example might include a bathtub that overflows into a common area or into another condo.

Sometimes, problems with the common areas can affect an individual unit. Ice dams in roof gutters might cause water to migrate into the ceiling or walls of one or more condos. Usually, the association would be responsible for rectifying the problem and repairing the damage to the affected condominium(s).

It’s not uncommon for people interested in buying a Chicago condo or suburban Chicago condominium to express initial concern about what to do if something breaks in their condo. “I’m not handy, I don’t have time to fix things” are among the comments we hear from people who are weighing the decision to leave apartment living and become condo owners.

One of the attractions of the condo lifestyle is that the bigger-ticket aspects of home ownership are covered in the monthly association fees. Roofs, landscaping, often even the heating system of the building are maintained by the condo association.

And, as many of us know, being a rent-paying tenant in an apartment building is no guarantee that things which need repair will actually be done in a timely matter, sometimes if at all.

For more information about condo repair and maintenance, give us a call toll-free at 866-696-2266 or contact one of our condo specialist Realtors® today.

The above scenarios are offered for general illustrative purposes and are not intended to provide a comprehensive explanation of condo repair and maintenance, in Illinois or elsewhere. Sorry, questions about specific situations cannot be addressed by OwnACondo.com or its representatives.

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