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Townhouse Condos At OwnACondo.com, we’re known as “the best place to buy and sell condos.” Townhouse condos are also included in that description.

Generally speaking, townhouses, or townhomes, are dwellings of two or more levels that are attached to neighboring units on the sides, via shared walls. Unlike regular condos, townhouse condos usually do not have other dwellings above or below.

Townhouse condos are located in many different areas of Chicago and the suburbs, but are not as plentiful as regular condominiums. Some townhouse condos are converted from vintage buildings, although most are of more recent construction. Townhouse condos are almost never one-off, stand-alone buildings. Instead, they are usually part of an entire development. Sometimes townhomes and standard condos are mixed in the same development, although the structures are separate.

Townhome condos often appeal to people who want more of a “house” feel. This is accomplished by having no upstairs or downstairs neighbors. It is quite enjoyable to have more than one level of living space. Neighboring units on either side are quickly forgotten about.

Like their more common condominium brethren, townhouse condos are usually part of an association, too. Townhouse condo owners pay an assessment fee to cover the expenses of the common elements. These expenses can include, but are not limited to, cleaning, maintenance, repair, lawn care, snow removal, insurance, utilities, water, sewer and other.

Like regular condominium associations, townhouse condo associations are made up of an owner from each unit and the association is usually led by elected directors and officers. The townhouse condo association is governed by bylaws established at the time the declaration for the association is filed.

And, although we explained earlier that townhouse condos are usually attached to others on the sides, sometimes townhomes are physically separated and do not touch any other dwelling at all.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when looking to buy or sell condos and townhouse condos, is to work with a specialist. OwnACondo.com has helped people just like you buy and sell thousands of condos and townhouse condos over the years. Just let us know how we can help. We’ll search for you, stay in close communication, even offer suggestions for suburban or Chicago condo financing. Don’t be satisfied with a real estate generalist. Contact OwnACondo.com by e-mail or telephone for the latest information about properties, financing, pricing, incentives and even the $8,000 tax credit for first time homebuyers.

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