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Commercial Condos When looking for a commercial condo or office condo for your business, OwnACondo.com can help. As "The Best Place to Buy and Sell Condos" we have experienced Realtors® on our team who specialize in commercial properties of all types.

Would you like to move your business into a beautiful office complex but hate the idea of paying tens of thousands of dollars in rent? Perhaps you’d like to locate your business in a shopping center complex next to a major anchor, but once again, feel that paying rent is not the way to go.

What are the alternatives?

Commercial condos allow you to own your own space next to national tenants in beautiful complexes without having to pay for 100% of the property. You pay for the square footage you need and don’t have to worry about leasing out any other portion. You buy only what you want.

Commercial condos for sale are very common on the east and west coasts and in some areas of the south, and they are increasing in popularity in the Midwest. More building owners are offering commercial condos for sale as an option to leasing and an increasing number of business owners are choosing to own rather than rent.

Why choose a commercial condo? They offer many of the same advantages of ownership over renting as that of owning residential real estate, including the likelihood that the property will appreciate in value over time.

Other typical advantages of commercial condos and office condos are debt reduction, tax sheltering, fixed payments and more. Should you decided in the future to relocate or even close your business, the commercial condo you own is an asset that can be sold or leased to another business, providing an additional income stream.

And of course, in most cases, the entire complex is managed by a professional property management firm so you can concentrate on growing your business and operating most efficiently without worries about building maintenance and bill paying.

There are commercial condos and office condos for sale all over Chicagoland in all different sizes, already built out or ready for build-out. Financing is available for buyers who qualify. We also have rent-to-own programs that would afford you the luxury of getting into a space without the entire down payment. We can provide lending resources, if needed, and you may even qualify for financing through your local Small Business Association (SBA).

Please contact one of our condo specialists today to help you with your commercial condo needs. And be sure to consult with a legal or financial professional about how any of the generalized benefits presented above may or may not apply to your specific situation.

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