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Pet Friendly Condos

Pets in Condos People can truly be devoted to their four-legged animal friends.

Frequently, people ask us when shopping for a Chicago condo or suburban Chicago condo “Are these pet friendly condos?” Fortunately for those who love pets, as well as those who might prefer to keep pets at a comfortable distance, it’s easy for our condo specialist Realtors® to provide an answer.

Pet status is a searchable field in the MLS when looking for Chicago condos for sale, meaning that it can include or exclude certain condos when we perform a search for you.

What makes any condo a pet friendly condo? It’s a decision by the condo owners and it is detailed in the condo association’s bylaws. Typically, pet friendly condos are those that allow cats and dogs. There is usually a limit to the number of cats and dogs per household, and in the case of dogs, often a weight restriction.

What about so-called exotic pets? Compared to cats and dogs, pets such as snakes, ferrets and other unusual creatures are typically not included in an association’s “approved” list. Owners of exotic pets might argue that a caged snake or a mild-mannered pot-bellied pig is potentially less dangerous than any random dog, but it’s a hard sell to the average person, which is why most condo associations simply will not approve such pets. In general, the American public is far more comfortable with cats and dogs than non-traditional pets, especially in condominium living where there are shared walls and other shared facilities.

And despite the love affair our society has with cats and dogs, it’s important to understand not everyone feels the same way. Many condo owners and potential condo buyers prefer to not have cats and dogs around. Fortunately for them, our condo specialist Realtors® can find Chicago condos for sale that exclude pets for those who require it.

Of course, it’s a rare individual that would make pet status his or her only requirement in a search. As important as pet status can be, there are many other considerations such as geographic area, price, number of bedrooms, parking and more. We’ll help you zero in on a Chicago condo or suburban Chicago condo that has everything you are looking for. Townhouses and townhomes, too.

But if Fido or Fluffy holds a place in your heart, and you need a pet friendly condo, be sure to let us know so we can help you find the condo of your dreams!


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POOCH HOTEL - www.poochhotel.com - (773) 932-2232
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Don't forget Your-kies - www.dfydogcare.com - (773) 857-2580
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Coliseum Park Dog Park - 1466 S. Wabash Ave. Chicago
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Margate Park Dog Park - 4921 N. Marine Drive Chicago
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Walsh Park Dog Park - 1722 N. Ashland Ave. Chicago
Wicker Park Dog Park - 1425 N. Damen Ave. Chicago
Belmont Harbor Dog Beach -located on Belmont Ave off Lake Shore Dr Chicago
Montrose Harbor Dog Beach -Lake Shore Drive Chicago
Evanston Dog Beach - Church Street Evanston

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